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The button "Go to FastTrack Contents" below will take you to examples of the "Look and Feel" of the FastTrack Learn to Cook - Browser Based Application. 
They are best viewed with either FireFox; however, some of these examples have been reworked to display in other browsers.  Much of the text in the finished application will be viewable in standard browsers.  The search databases, engines, and the helper utilites like shopping list generators and cooking technique videos will only be available with the browser based (Firefox) application.

These web pages are my "Sandbox".  They are constantly changing and are used for test and demonstration pages, by me.  Drive Safely and your mileage may vary. 

This project is not under active development.
The idea was to do a sort of online Joy of Cooking, with a dictionary, skills videos, a unique recipe search etc.
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My attempts to monetize the project were not succesful.
This domain name is for sale.
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- A Work No Longer In Progress -